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“We know no single entity can do this alone. We are the most effective when we come together to support key aspects of the response.”

Judy Monroe, MD
President and CEO, CDC Foundation

The Community COVID Coalition (June 2020-March 2022) supports outreach and education for state and Community Based Organization (CBO) communication efforts for the COVID-19 response, including efforts to educate diverse communities about effective public health interventions for slowing the spread of COVID-19.

The Community COVID Coalition focuses on communicating about COVID-19 quickly and effectively with diverse communities.

“As Governors use data-based strategies to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, they recognize the importance of research-tested public health communication messaging as of the most effective tools we have against this disease.  The National Governors Association Center for Best Practices is proud to join with ASTHO, the CDC Foundation and Facebook to promote public awareness and understanding of how public health messaging can help defeat COVID-19.”

Tim Blute
Director, NGA Center for Best Practices

“State and territorial health departments are at the forefront of this response, and we need all sectors coming together to support COVID-19 mitigation efforts – the goal of this coalition is to do just that.”

Michael Fraser
Chief Executive Officer, ASTHO

“COVID-19 vaccination remains the greatest opportunity for stemming the tide of the pandemic. AIM and the immunization managers we represent welcome this partnership focused on addressing vaccine hesitancy via social media.”

Claire Hannan
MPH, Executive Director